Polyhydramnios complications

Diagnosis, Prevention and Complications of Polyhydramnios

Polyhydramnios: Diagnosis, Prevention and Complications What is Polyhydramnios? An excess of liquor amni termed as polyhydramnios or hydramnios. It is arbitrarily defined as more than 2000 ml of liquor amni, because it becomes clinically obvious beyond this limit. Normal amniotic fluid volume is 500 -1500ml. Diagnosis/Tests of Polyhydramnios: Fetal Ultrasound: A fetal ultrasound is also…

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Causes and effects of child abuse

Causes and Effects of Child Abuse

Main Causes and Effects of Child Abuse Definition of Abuse: Abuse is defined as any action that intentionally harms or injures another person. Abuse can occur to anyone of any age and gender and from any walk of life. It can take the form of physical battery, emotional bullying, psychological coercion, sexual abuse, or neglect….

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