Management of Emerging Situation During Child Birth

Management of Emerging Situation During Child Birth:

The safest place for the mother who is about to deliver her baby is in the maternity department unless another location has been planned!), sometimes this is not possible and pre-hospital delivery of the baby is necessary.

Remember that women have been performing the function of childbirth for a long time, and the process is natural. First aiders are there to provide any help that may be required during a process that is controlled by the mother. Your active intervention is necessary only in extreme situations. The initial step is to decide what has happened and what stage of delivery the mother is at.

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Management of emerging situation during child birth
Fig: Management of emerging situation during child birth

Attempt to determine if any of the following are present:

1. Show: This is a loss of mucus, often blood stained, from the plug that keeps the cervix closed. Labor can start any time after this although it could be as long as a few days.

2. Waters have broken: This means the membranes holding the amniotic sac, which contains the baby and the amniotic fluid, have started to leak. It can happen suddenly, but is more likely to be a gradual trickle.

3. Intermittent pain: There is usually pain accompanying contractions of the uterus. It’s probably labour if the contractions last more than 40 seconds and are occurring about every three or four minutes.

4. Bleeding: There is a possibility of vaginal bleeding before, during and after labour. This should not be confused with the show.

For delivery deemed to be imminent, at least two of the following are present:

1. Regular contractions at one to two minute intervals.

2. An urge to push or bear down. In general, if the mother has the urge to push, the delivery will take place within an hour for the first baby, but within 30 minutes for second and later pregnancies.

3. Crowning (the top of the head visible in the vagina).

If there are any potential complications, such as severe vaginal bleeding, prolapsed cord (cord protruding from the vagina), continuous abdominal pain, presentation of part of the baby other than the head) immediately request for further medical assistance. Childbirth is open to infection. It is imperative that you take all possible precautions against infection from yourself and from the surroundings. Ensure that you wear gloves (if available) during the process.

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