Nursing Care Plan for Schizophrenia Patient

Nursing Care Plan for Schizophrenia Patient

Definition of Schizophrenia:

Schizophrenia means splitting of psychic function. Schizo means split and Phrenia means mind. Schizophrenia is defined as a functional psychosis characterized by disturbances in thinking, emotion, volition and perception. Finally, it leads on to personality deterioration.

A group of disorders manifested by fundamental disturbances or distortions in thinking, mood and behaviour, last for at least a month of active phase symptoms like delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, grossly disorganized or catatonic behaviour, negative symptoms such as shallow or flat affect, alogia or avolition and incongruous mood.

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Nursing care plan for schizophrenia patient
Fig: Nursing care plan for schizophrenia patient

Nursing Care Plan for Schizophrenia:





Hyper-anxiety related to unrealistic goals, repeated failures, and high expectations from the caretakers.

To decrease anxiety level and frustration.

  • Allow the client to establish trusting interpersonal relationships with fellow beings, thereby social isolation will be avoided. Staff has to use client’s language to make them to understand.
  • Advise them to avoid or lessen anxiety producing stimuli.
  • Permit the patient to move around and talk to others.
  • Briefly respond to the questions and clarify their doubts consistently.
  • Never pressurize the client to establish new contacts.
  • Motivate the client to participate in therapeutic activities.

Improved individual coping status.

Altered perception related to delusions.

To reduce the delusions and to promote perceptions.

  • Maintain and establish therapeutic nurse-patient relationship.
  • Develop positive attitude.
  • Assist the client to interact with others.
  • Show mild concern, provide support, security.
  • Involve the client in social activities.
  • Allow the client to move freely and talk effectively.
  • Assist the client in therapeutic activities.
  • Make him to understand between reality and the present behavior.
  • Explain the client, the differences between hallucinations, illusions and its effects, if he is able to understand.

Improve perception

Impaired communication due to perceptual deficit.

To reduce frustration and conflict, Answer Enhances
socialization process.

  • Motivate the client to initiate conversation.
  • Develop positive attitude.
  • Encourage the client to participate in social activities.
  • Utilize communication techniques.
  • Do not provoke personalized questions, agitating questions in the beginning.
  • Never argue or criticize with the client, related to delusions.
  • Orient the client about ward routines, policies, and therapeutic procedures to be carried out.
  • Talk with the client clearly, specifically.
  • Explain to the client, the reason of his behavior and the attitude.

Improved communication

Altered thought process which predisposes for insecurity.

Provision of secured and safe environment.

  • Develop a sense of security, adequacy and trust feeling.
  • Provide safe and comfortable environment therapeutic touch.
  • If it is desirable try to implement his desires into action, e.g. changing of room or close the doors, making relative to stay along with the client.
  • Avoid over-crowding in the ward by placing unnecessary furniture.

Improve the thought process.

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